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All donations to Women of MC go towards the items and hard work needed to fulfill all the programs and goals listed on our website. Your donation will reach the hearts of those all around North East Tennessee!


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At our office, you can get period and hygiene products at no cost. These products include pads, tampons, menstrual cups, reusable panty liners, soap, toothbrush and  toothpaste.

Along with products, we have an abundance of resources available to any woman or girl free of charge. Our staff walks women and girls through the process of getting the resources they are searching for step by step.

Who we serve

Women of MC primarily serves Johnson County, TN, a small county that lies in rural Tennessee in the valleys of the mountains. We extend our services to surrounding areas such as Carter and Washington County by handing out period packs to home insecure women in the area.

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Our Values

1) Enrich the lives of women in Appalachia by providing them with access and the appropriate education to meet goals and thrive.
2) Women of all walks of life are welcome and safe in our space where they are met with judge-free volunteers and staff dedicated to making a plan for success individualized to their specific needs.
3) We treat every woman with respect and dignity when they enter our space by making meaningful, human connections.

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Emergency Form for Menstrual Hygiene Products for Johnson County Residents

Fill out our emergency form with your address and phone number, and we'll deliver on Thursday!


What we've done in our little corner of the world: Johnson County, TN

How we responded to COVID-19:
to learn more and catch our live videos go to

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Getting Pads and Tampons to Shady Valley

Women of MC listened to women in the community and their concern about Shady Valley not having a store to buy feminine products for themselves and their families. WMC contacted the Shady Valley Country Store, and they now sell pads and tampons. Women do not have to go down the mountain or to Damascus to get these items!

Mobile Clothing Summer Giveaways

We gave away over 12,000 pieces of clothing to women all across Johnson County. New clothes create confidence in women that is needed in an area that has limited places to buy clothes for job interviews, work, or social events. Free carepackages (soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, pads & tampons) were also given to every woman that got clothing.


WMC donated FREE pad dispensers at JCHS & JCMS

Now, girls in high school and middle school can get pads for FREE in the bathroom instead of paying or going to a nurse or counselor. This saves girls from needing money or embarrassment. We are encouraging feminine product funding be added to the county budget to keep girls safe by having access to clean, new feminine products.

Pad and Tampon Give Away with First Christian Church Food Distribution

WMC teamed up with FCC's food distribution and offered pads and tampons to families who came to get boxes of free food. 
We also went to the homeless shelter in Carter County and stuffed their food boxes with feminine products. 


Thousands of Periods Served since March 2020

Breaking stigma around periods and sex education are at the core of what we do. There are too many women in our area with the lack access and resources to live healthy, feminine lives. We provide support, awareness, and break social boundaries by starting important conversations with others in the community.

300 Thanksgiving Meals and 111 Christmas Presents delivered to homes for the holidays!

Thanks to our partners at Hometown Grocery Discount and Old Mill Ministries (along with many amazing donors) we delivered 300 meals and 111 presents to the girls of Johnson County for the holidays!

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LIHEAP Bus Parntership

Every month, the LIHEAP bus sets up at our "corner" in Mountain City to bring in the community. We are so grateful this opportunity!

Easter Sunday: Because YOU Matter

On Easter Sunday, we gave away 50 lunches and delivered 200 to those in our community! Along with lunches, we included sex education about consent, pregnancy prevention, sexual coercion, and sexual assault information.

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Prom Dress, Sex Ed, Period Products Giveaway!

We're partnering with Covington Credit and Helping Others to give away free prom dresses, sex education, panties, and period products to any girl in Johnson County going to prom!

Survivor Boxes for Victims

We donate these boxes to the local hospital in hopes that victims of sexual assault feel some comfort knowing that there are women in the community that care and support them.


Our Amazing Partners

Hometown Grocery Discount 

Old Mill Ministries

Helping Others 

Safe Baby Court - Johnson County

LIHEAP - Upper East TN Housing and Development

Project Access

A Step Ahead Tricities 

United Way 

Red Legacy Recovery

First Christian Church, Mountain City


Women's Studies, ETSU

Bristol Crisis Center

Substantial Donors: 
East Tennessee Foundation