Meeting women where they are

Our organization serves as a Women's Resource Hub in Johnson County. Following our grand opening, women and girls will be able to come to our safe space in Mountain City to be connected with the many resources and partners made across the region. Our organization is a link for women in rural Johnson County to the plethora of resources available to them!

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Period Products

Free Menstrual Cups are available to Hometown Grocery Discount to anyone who requests them from WMC

Free pads, tampons, cups, disks, and reusable liners are available at our office free of charge

Free Thursday emergency deliveries

We deliver feminine products freely and anonymously to anyone who has a feminine emergency on Thursdays!

Mobile Giveaways

Clothing, feminine products, and hygiene products are given away freely to women around the county through our trailer and happy volunteers during the Summer months


Pregnant Momas/Momas of babies

Johnson County Pregnancy Center

(423) 727-8600

Home insecurity and pregnancy

Hope House

P.O. BOX 5821


1567 N. Eastman Rd. Suite 1
Kingsport, TN 37664
(423) 247-7994

(423) 946-9593


(423) 914-7609

Nurse Family Partnership

Kaitlin Jones 


Nurture the Next (East Tennessee)

After you enroll, we will match you with an NTN mentor who will reach out to you through a text message on your cell phone. Simply respond to the text message to pose questions or ask for support. Your mentor will text you back with important information tailored to your baby’s development and parenting style. All NTN mentors receive background checks, specialized training, and never receive your personal information other than your first name, your child’s first name, and their age.

Allison Wentz

1660 Oak Ridge Turnpike

Oak Ridge, TN 37830


Programs Offered:

Home Visiting

Parent Mentorship

Parent Leadership Initiative

Domestic Violence Helpline

Parent Helpline

Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention

First-time parents may enroll during pregnancy or before the baby is three-months old.


FCC’s Wednesday box giveaways 10-2

 FCC’s number: 423-727-9151

Catholic Church Food Giveaways: Check Facebook Groups

Health Insurance/Medical Care: 

Johnson County Health Department: 

Address: 715 W Main St, Mountain City, TN 37683

Phone: (423) 727-9731

Project Access: Specialty Care​

  • 4232326700

Church Hill Free Medical Clinic


  • Keystone Dental Clinic

    • 423-232-7919


Mental Health: 

Frontier Health - Johnson County Counseling Center

Address: 318 Donnelly St, Mountain City, TN 37683

Phone: (423) 727-2100

Frontier Health - Higher Ground Peer Support Center

Address: 873 S Shady St, Mountain City, TN 37683

Phone: (423) 727-8685

Utility Emergency: 

Neighborhood Services: Across from Burger King

(423) 727-6633

M-F 8-4:40



Assistance – (Emergency, Electric, Rent, Utilities, Water,Etc.)

Salvation Army

200 Ashe St

423-926-8901 or 423-926-2101

Rent and Power Assistance

Legal Services

Legal Aid of East Tennessee

311 W. Walnut St


Bankruptcy, Tenant Rights, Legal Proceedings.


  • Domestic 

    • Safe Haven, MC TN

      • 423-727-1914 (24⁄7)

        • Crisis

      • 423-727-0202

        • Office

  • YW CARES Program Services:

    • Serving victims of crime between the ages of 17-24, in Sullivan County, Tennessee (Call and ask where they can send a victim from Johnson County and what you can do for them while they are here)

      • (423) 968-9444

  • Center of Hope Shelter (Salvation Army affiliated) - (423) 926-8901, then press 6.

  • Bristol Crisis Center: 

    • ​CALL 24/7.

      • ​(800) 273-8255 (hotline)

      • (276) 466-2218 (office) CALL OFFICE FIRST <3 

Domestic Abuse interventions: 

Family Promise Johnson City, TN

(423) 929-9967

Safe House Johnson City, TN

(423) 926-7233 or (423) 232-8920 

Sexual Assault Response Center of East Tennessee  (196 Montgomery Street) Johnson City, TN Office:(423) 202-642724-Hour Crisis Line: (865) 522-7273

The Shepherd's Inn Elizabethton, TN (423) 542-0180


Career Planning

Career Planning

Cluster Pathways

College Planning

Money for College

Path to College



Resources from Federal Student Aid/FAFSA

Tennessee Promise

Tennessee Reconnect


Village, Hermit Shoals & Mountain Sites Apartments – Section 8
P.O. Box 50
Mountain City, TN  37683
(423) 727-9185
Lacey & Heather

Village - 1168 S Shady St, Mountain City, TN 37683

Hermit Shoals - 3933 Hwy 421 S, Mountain City, TN 37683

Mountain Site –

Valley Grove Apartments – Section 8
924Medical Park Drive #100
Mountain City, TN  37683
(423) 727-6836

Hillcrest Apartments – Need to check out 1/27/21
2000 Crossroads Dr.
Mountain City, TN 37683
(423) 727-8317

Mountain City Manor Apartments – left message 1/26/21
310 Dotson Ln # 1
Mountain City, TN 37683
(423) 727-4550

Apartment Rentals - Property management company in Mountain City-NG
252 N Church St.
Mountain City, TN 37683


Mountain Empire Motel / $280.00 week - 1/26/2021
1537 S Shady St.
Mountain City, TN 37683
(423) 727-7777

Americourt Hotel / $240.00 week - 1/26/2021
450 Dotson Ln.
Mountain City, TN 37683
(423) 727-7311

Housing Checklist

Items to gather up before filling out application. (All adult household members)

Driver License or Photo ID
Social Security Card
Birth Certificate
Social Security Benefits statement
Proof of Wages (Paystubs and/or W-2)
Past Landlord References
Pay old debt to past landlords
Complete Housing Application
Follow up
Move in
Turn on utilities

HUD Real Estate Agent
Mountain City, TN
For Johnson County

General Realty of Tennessee
4635 US-421
Mountain City, TN 37683